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Ted at
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Hobbiton, NZ


I first visited Walt Disney's EPCOT Center in 1984 a little over a year after the Journey into Imagination pavilion opened. At that time the pavilion was sponsored by Kodak. One of its attractions was a 3D film titled Magic Journeys. In the pre-show to the film Kodak used a song by the Sherman brothers to stress the importance of "making' memories" by taking pictures. 

In the galleries below I'd like to share with you some of my pictures taken during my travels in the USA, around the world, and right in my own "backyard".


I hope you enjoy these "little pieces of time" that I have captured in my journey of "makin' memories."

Makin' memories
Makin' memories
Takin' pictures is makin' memories
Catchin' little pieces of time
Makin' 'em yours and makin' 'em mine

Makin' Memories

Richard M. & Robert B. Sherman

Journey into Imagination


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Row 3 of Photo Gallery
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